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Introducing MASKS.PETROU, the luxury NFT fashion project that offers high-end, one-of-a-kind balaclavas. Each piece is created using a unique, randomly generated design algorithm, resulting in over 3 million possible variations.


Not only are these designs exclusive, but each mask also has exclusive interactive functionalities that will be revealed as you explore the collection


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Click here and discover the functions of MASKS.PETROU digital assets


Click here and discover the designs of MASKS.PETROU digital assets


Click here and discover the future of MASKS.PETROU digital assets

At MASKS.PETROU, we push the boundaries of what fashion can be. Our exclusive NFT balaclavas not only offer a one-of-a-kind design but also come with various unique functionalities for our valued holders.

When you own one of our NFT balaclavas, you will have exclusive access to future fashion shows. This means you'll be the first to see and experience our latest designs, giving you a true insider's experience inside our world of fashion.

Our NFTs also serve as digital augmented reality filters, which can be used across nearly all social media platforms enabling you to show off your unique balaclava to all your followers. Standing out in a sea of virtual fashion.

We also offer consistent future NFT airdrops to our holders, giving you the chance to own even more exclusive designs.

Lastly, we give our holders the ability to get their NFT balaclava handmade once a month so you can own a physical representation of your digital NFT.

We strive to provide fashionable, functional, and unique products that allow you to stand out in both physical and digital worlds like never seen before.


Each balaclava is assigned a rarity level based on the components used in its design.

If you're lucky enough, you could end up with a rare balaclava that features silver or gold components. Having any silver component in your balaclava makes it rarer than the original designs, and having a gold component takes the rarity to the next level. The more silver or gold components a balaclava has, the rarer it becomes, making it truly one of a kind.

Owning a rare balaclava not only increases its value but also offers unique functionalities, Including VIP access inside future fashion events.


MASKS.PETROU is the forefront of the fashion and technology revolution, offering unique and functional NFT balaclavas. With over 3 million possible variations, a rarity system that adds value to our designs, and exclusive functionalities such as access to events and promotions, we're future-ready for anything that comes our way.

Join us on this journey as we explore the boundaries of fashion technology and see what the future holds. Stay updated with the brand aswell as upcoming release dates by following our socials bellow. Get ready to stand out in the virtual and physical world with MASKS.PETROU

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